WHEREAS Pro-Yuzar provides labour services for general contractors, contractors, and construction companies. NOW THEREFORE THE PARTIES AGREE AS FOLLOWS: <strong>COVENANT NOT TO SOLICIT</strong>

Non-Solicitation.During the term of this Agreement and for 90 days (NON-SOLICITATION PERIOD) after any termination of this Agreement, the Employee will not directly or indirectly, on employee’s own behalf or in the service or on behalf of others, in any capacity:

Solicit Business.Solicit the business or patronage of any Costumer for any other person or entity,Divert Business.Divert, entice, or otherwise take away from Pro-Yuzar the business or patronage of any Costumer, or attempt to do so, or Terminate Business.Solicit or induce any Costumer to terminate or reduce its relationship with Pro-Yuzar.

Termination of Employment.If the Employee for whatever reason leaves before his contract or duties have been completed he will have to give a 5-day notice prior to leaving.

If breach of any of the above mentioned clauses, the Employee agrees to immediately pay Pro-Yuzar $2,000 as a pre-liquidating damage.

IN WITNESS WHEREOFF the parties have duly executed this Agreement as of the date first written above.
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